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I am an Associate Fellow of the Higher Education Academy. 
I am the recipient of multiple teaching awards, recently receiving a Recognition of Excellence in Teaching award from Pembroke College, University of Oxford.
Undergraduate Courses Taught
  • Introduction to the Theory of Politics (Tutor)

  • Theory of Politics (Lecturer and Tutor)

  • Advanced Paper in Theories of Justice ​(Lecturer and Tutor)

  • Ethics (Lecturer and Tutor)

  • Practical Ethics (Tutor)

  • Special Topic: Philosophical Bioethics (Tutor)

  • Political Philosophy (Lecturer)

Postgraduate Courses Taught
  • Foundations of Political Philosophy (Seminar Leader)

  • Philosophy and Public Policy (Lecturer and Tutor)

  • Ethical Dilemmas in Health Policy (Lecturer and Tutor) 

  • Ethics and Public Policy (Lecturer and Course Developer) 

Theses/Dissertations Supervised
  • MA Thesis on utilitarianism and theories of international development (Co-Supervisor)

  • BA Honours Thesis on structural injustice and individual moral obligations (Sole Supervisor)

  • BA Honours Thesis on national responsibility and historical injustice (Sole Supervisor) 

Recent Teaching Testimonials


"Johann Go consistently goes above and beyond for his students. ... Students commented on his exceptional knowledge and special ability to weave practical issues and public policy dilemmas into his teaching of ethics and political philosophy." (Excerpt from Award Citation, 2023)

“Absolutely the best tutor we've had so far.” (1st Year BA Hons Student, Introduction to Theory of Politics 2022)


“Johann Go was an incredible seminar leader. I have taken many philosophy classes with many very experienced teachers and Johann is one of the best philosophy teachers I have had. He has a great way of breaking down the topics into clear concepts that are relevant to what we are studying. He also is great at getting perspectives of people in the whole seminar and also at pushing us to refine our views and consider other perspectives. I really enjoyed and looked forward to going to his class each week. I could not recommend him more highly.” (MPP Student, Foundations of Political Philosophy, 2021)


“We could not have asked for a better tutor. Best tutor we have had on our PPE programme to date. Clearly highly knowledgeable, very diligent, highly professional, and conscientious. … Exceptional is the best word to describe him!” (1st Year BA Hons Student, Introduction to Theory of Politics 2022) 


“Johann Go has genuinely provided the most helpful teaching I've had in my whole degree.” (3rd Year BA Hons Student, Theory of Politics 2022) 


“Johann is an exceptional tutor who provides both excellent feedback and just the right amount of push in classes to get the most out of his students. He has been very accommodating of my learning challenges without compromising on his high academic demands and expectations, which I appreciated.” (2nd Year BA Hons Student, Ethics 2021)


“Johann provided by far the most helpful classes I have had for any module in any of my courses at the University. The written feedback has also been immensely useful in both clarifying what theorists are saying and helping me to form my own original commentary and criticism.” (3rd Year BA Hons Student, Theory of Politics 2022)


“Johann is highly knowledgeable and extremely committed to teaching. Our one-on-one tutorial sessions were some of the most enlightening and formative hours of my entire educational experience to date.” (4th Year Visiting Student, Princeton University, Theory of Politics 2021) 


“Brilliant teacher! The most challenging philosophy paper I have taken to date, but Johann made the content exciting and digestible. Johann goes above and beyond to make sure students understand the readings and theories, and that they are able to form their own views of the topics. I have now signed up to take another paper with Johann next year, such was the quality of his teaching!” (2nd Year BA Hons Student, Advanced Paper in Theories of Justice 2022). 

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